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Global supplier of marking & verification solutions

Technifor is the world's first manufacturer of Micro-Percussion Direct Part Marking machines for Quality Control & Permanent Tracing.

Our 30 years of experience in industrial marking on metallic or plastic parts and our 40,000 machines installed worldwide make us a reliable global supplier of marking & verification solutions for traceability and identification systems. All around the world, our technical teams analyse, install and maintain our Micro-Percussion, scribing or laser equipment, with their automatic OCR character or DataMatrix™ 2D code reading systems.


Technifor's success is based on a permanent search for quality (ISO9001 - v2008) and a customer service oriented organisation. We are ready to meet your needs should you require direct part marking on your products, components or identification tags either as part of an in-line process or as a stand-alone bench top machine.


Discover our expertise, contact us, and do not hesitate to send us your parts to validate our marking quality «which defies time».


Corporate news


Rillieux, FRANCE, May 2015
With a dynamic first quarter of 2015, the Group saw progress with sales development of more than 6 % compared to the same period last year (15% foreign currency effects included).


Rillieux, FRANCE, January 2015
Sales were strong in the last quarter, up by 9% compared with the same period in 2013.


Rillieux, FRANCE, July 2014
At the end of the 2nd quarter 2014 the position remains the same as 2013 at constant exchange rates.


Rillieux, FRANCE, May 2014
Cumulative sales for the 1st quarter excluding currency effects are higher than budget and also slightly higher compared to the previous fiscal year.


Rillieux, FRANCE, December 2013
Third quarter sales were strong in several areas but still slightly lower in our consolidated forecarst due to weakness in certain European markets.


Rillieux, FRANCE, September 2013
The 2nd quarter of 2013 was in line with the 1st quarter with a decrease in sales of 8 % compared to last year, excluding currency effects.


Rillieux, FRANCE, July 2013
The Gravotech Group ended the year 2012 with an organic growth of +5% except exchange rates impacts (+9.3% including currency impacts) with a very good first semester, despite a reverse trend from the month of September 2012 followed by a final quarter below targets.


Rillieux, FRANCE, October 2012
The Gravotech group reached a new stage in its organization with the launch of a common group name and symbol which incorporates the following brands: TYPE3, PROPEN, TECHNIFOR and GRAVOGRAPH.


Rillieux, FRANCE, June 2012
Gravotech group continued double digit sales growth during the 1st quarter of 2012 despite persistent global economic uncertainties.


Rillieux, FRANCE, January 2012
Gravotech Group sales for 2011 were 11.5% above 2010 at constant exchange rates. Despite the economic uncertainties, the fourth quarter of 2011 ended well, especially for the month of December. In addition, the company has a strong order book for the month of January 2012.


Rillieux, FRANCE, October 2011
During the 3rd quarter of 2011 Gravotech Group had a good level of sales. September year-to-date sales grew by 12.7%, excluding exchange compared to the same period in 2010.


Rillieux, FRANCE, July 2011
During the second quarter of 2011 the group again experienced double digit sales growth. Second quarter sales were 12.1% higher than the same period in 2010


Miribel, FRANCE, October 2010
In follow up to our informational note of July 2010, the third quarter of 2010 went well for Gravotech Group, as sales in the first nine months of 2010 were 2.8% higher than budget, and 18.1% above the first nine months of 2009. Accordingly, at the end of September 2010, the Group's operating results are inline with Budget and liquidity remains strong. We expect these trends to continue through the remainder of the year.

Miribel, FRANCE, July 2010
The positive sales trend reported in the April 2010 informational note continued through the 2nd quarter of 2010. June 2010 YTD sales are in line with Budget and 17.6% higher than the previous year. The positive sales trend will continue into the month of July.

Miribel, France, April 2010
As described in our last communication, Gravotech Group remained resilient during 2009. During 4Q09 the Group experienced significant improvements to sales which continued into 2010. The first quarter of 2010 sales are in line with Budget and are 9% higher than 1Q09. The trend experienced during the first quarter is expected to continue into April.

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