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Laser Marking Machines

Technifor laser marking machines mark with a beam of the highest accuracy, as opposed to a metal stylus, making laser marking an excellent choice when high contrast, smooth marks are needed on various plastics, ceramics, metals - including the hardest metals - and different shaped and sized parts. 

Answering any industrial marking need, Technifor lasers lasers marker, operated via our easy, intuitive, multilingual "just five clicks and you are marking" Control Units, create all types and sized marks: machine and human readable alphanumeric text, serial numbering, UDI, DataMatrix, or logos. Laser Marking can be linear or circular.

The air-cooled Fiber Lasers and YAG lasers use no consumables, are very quiet and exceptionally energy efficient. They adapt to any industrial part marking application from integration to standing alone in a self-contained bench-top enclosure.

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The TC500 is an extremely fast galvo CO2 Laser

Technifor introduces the new TC500 air cooled C02 Laser marking system.

The TC500 is an extremely fast galvo C02 laser capable of marking on plastics, anodized aluminum, painted metals, ceramics and most organic materials.

The ideal solution for permanent marking of automotive components, electronics, medical devices and a wide range of parts with logos, linear and radial text, DataMatrix™, etc.

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Green laser marking

Green laser marking solution

From a large variety of plastics to the most reflective metals, the TG400 green laser meets all the challenges.


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Yag Laser - TD412

YAG laser

A diode-pumped ND:YVO4 laser offers outstanding marking quality thanks to its small spot size; optimal for marking accuracy on metal and plastic parts.

Designed for direct part marking of small characters or DataMatrix™ codes for electronic component identification, traceability of medical instrumentation, aeronautics parts, for example.


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Fiber laser - TF410-TF420


Fiber laser

Industrial fiber Lasers are the result of the mix of Telecom's Technology with its long life time and low consumption and Printing Technology with its capability and reliability, because they are entirely fiber (no air, no mechanics), monocore (all elements are fiber coupled and sealed) and compact (fibers are rolled internally), machines equipped with this technology meet the industry needs: efficiently (no service) and robustness.


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This class 1 marking station is perfectly suited for any type of object, thanks to its manual loading. Its motorized Z axis is used for fast and accurate identification of parts with various heights.

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