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Laser Solution Green Series

Laser Solution Green Series

Green laser marking machine - integrated range

This range takes advantage of the 532 nm wavelength which offers an ultra thin beam with a very light application onto parts. The green laser beam’s concentration allows marking without the use of heat on your parts, avoiding any burning or deformation.

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Laser marking Green

Designed for production line integration on:


Avoid any effect of deformation and burn


Its ultra-thin beam (30um) generates trademarks of exceptional resolution


This range uses a 532um wavelength to mark materials not, or barely, reacting to infared wavelengths: from rough to the more transparent plastics, reflective metals (copper, silver, gold, …), ceramic, etc.




Laser source Laser green


Tête de marquage

Power Range 5 - 10W
Marking fields (mm) 65 x 65 / 110 x 110 / 175 x 175
Speed (mm / sec) 10 000
Industrial Head Protection IP54 against dust and oil splashes.
Water temperature up to 40 ° C
Double protection focal Protection against scratches and deposits. aluminum protective ring against shocks.

Integrated control unit

Total connectivity: all the communication tools available to natively interact with your environment

Communication Ethernet TCP / IP; Profinet; IP Ethernet; 8E / digital 8S; I / O dedicated; SUB D37; RS232; USB (x3)
HMI Intuitive Human Machine Interface - immediate diagnosis - display of current operations - history - backup - maintenance messages
Operation Autonomous operation (no PC) - in conjunction with PLC


Comes standard with every laser marking machine, Lasertrace allows you to create a few clicks on your marking files.

Developed by Technifor and enriched by many application experiences, it includes all necessary functions for identification and traceability. Once records are sent to the control unit, your marking laser machine will work as a standalone systemor connected to a PLC.

PC software Lasertrace
Interface Multilingual and customisable interface
Includes Management of different user profiles
Fonts, forms, logos,
Barcodes, datamatrix, QR codes, UID, OCR
Serial number, counters, variables, dates, shift codes ...
Data acquisition camera / replay shower
Production methods: duplicate check, history files, data acquisition from your existing systems and card-selection etc.
Options Logo Editor: creating logos from PDF, DXF, EPS, STEP, IGS etc.

Logo Editor Max: vectorization of logos and creating filling path


Learn more about our LaserTrace
traceability software

Green laser marking
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ISO 9001 V2008
Certified sites:
France: Gravotech Marking SAS
China: Gravotech (Shanghai)
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