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Technifor is pleased to offer various after sales support packages in order to optimize the running of your marking equipment and reduce potential downtime.

Please bear in mind that prior to any engagement, all contracts are subject to a thorough review of your equipment by Technifor's skilled technicians.

Maintenance contracts:

To ensure that your marking equipment runs smoothly, you should carry out a preventive maintenance program on an ongoing basis.


Technifor's maintenance contract is adapted to suit your needs.


Technifor Customer Service, maintenance Extended warranty:

With extended warranty you can ensure that in the event of a breakdown all costs are kept to a minimum, because Technifor will provide parts and labour free of charge if the problem is the result of defective products or components.

Rental agreements:

Technifor can offer rental contracts to avoid any loss of production during repairs of your equipment. This will ensure that production can continue.


Routine servicing of your equipment will increase the life span and ensure greater reliability. Technifor offers various servicing packages adapted to your requirements.

The information contained on this webpage is for informational purposes only and is not binding. All contracts and services will be subject to a binding formal agreement.


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