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On-line Personalization of Remote Controls


On-line Personalization of Remote Controls On-line Personalization of Remote Controls On-line Personalization of Remote Controls



  • To mark blank remote controls of six different models, a step integrated to a nine-step production process:

1. Programming
2. Laser marking
3. Personalization following the client's brand or specifications
4. Printing of a technical sheet
5. Printing of the product invoice(s)
6. Printing of the label address
7. Manual packaging, blister pack
8. Manual packaging, shipping box
9. Manual strapping on the machine


  • Marking time = remote control programming time
  • Single-trajectory marking of both casing and buttons
  • Practical station for peripheral operations

Technifor Solution

  • Marking: 5 Laser TD412 machines (3 in France - 1 in Germany - 1 in Italy)
    -> Mini-station (table + column + loading drawer)
  • Software: developed by the client
  • Marking on the buttons by removal

Solution Advantages

  • Instant personalization
  • Customized production: in 4 seconds only!
  • Thanks to the marking of Laser marking, we can now mark two different marking heights on the cases and on the buttons in one trajectory

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