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Medical instruments traceability in hospital


Medical instruments traceability in hospital     Medical instruments traceability in hospital     Medical instruments traceability in hospital


Customer need

  • Improve the internal traceability by following-up each unit instrument
  • Identify and read each instrument all along the sterilization process
  • Have a Marking + Reading turnkey solution : Easy to use system for operators


  • Ability to mark many different parts:
    - Large variety of shapes
    - Different material characteristics (hardness, brightness…)
  • Permanent & resistant marking to harsh sterilization processing
  • Compact, flexible and versatile solution

Technifor’s solution

  • Marking : Medrix Id machine with protection bellow + M0Cs short stylus
  • Reading : 2 Dataman 7550 & 7500 Hand-held readers

End-user benefits

Technifor offers a solution :

  • standard
  • easy to use & to define parameters
  • user-friendly
  • ergonomic marking station

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