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Mark'n Read Concept


Mark'n Read concept

 The DataMatrix™ marking solution




A complete solution that combines Direct Part Marking with the advantages of the Data Matrix™ 2d code.
The complete Technifor's Mark'n Read™ product guarantees full product traceability throughout the manufacturing process. The ability to track along the entire assembly line using strategically positioned cameras will not only provide a history of the life of each product but it will also have a major role in improving the manufacturing process.


Application :

Direct Part Marking (DPM) using the Data Matrix™ code (DMC) is the most effective and efficient way to gain complete part traceability and control.

  • Permanent part identification
  • Warranty & repair traceability
  • Harsh environment production tracking
  • Small part identification and serialization
  • Inventory consumption
  • Counterfeit parts identification



Marking Quality Control

Using state-of-the-art machine vision technology, Technifor can provide full marking quality verification of DataMatrix™ Codes. Verification can be based on various quality standards including IAQG 9132. Full control of all parameters (dot size, dot centre offset, angular distortion, etc.) is provided and available for process control.

Full Marking Process Monitoring

Based on Marking quality control data, a customized software provides the operator or supervisor with useful information to optimize process control:

  • Global grade using IAQG criteria - Excellent, Acceptable and Non-conform
  • Process monitoring with customized alarm thresholds
  • Data storage of verification parameters



At the end of the manufacturing process, or later on during the life of the product, Data capture may be necessary to retrieve critical information about the part history (supplier, date of manufacturing, lot number, serial number, etc..). Various reading devices can be used for easy, reliable Data Matrix™ decoding :

Data capture devices for all applications:

With either fixed camera devices or imager:

  • Permanent mounting on production lines
  • Interfacing possibilities
  • RS232 & Ethernet connectivity
  • Real-time in-line verification of Data Matrix™ symbols

or with handheld portable devices

  • Off-line reader including camera, lighting and processor
  • Decoding symbols at manual assembly and inspection stations



Improve work-in progress traceability by preventing wrong parts from entering a new station (audible alarm, flashing light, line stopped.). As a result, this will avoid scrap and costly processing of bad parts.



All the information (shift, machine, time, test results…) collected by the cameras can be stored in database against each individually identified component.

The database can be filtered and processed to provide crucial data and forms to plan tool changes and servicing of line components, manage your stock, line built analysis. 

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