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June 2014

"Innovation is successful, bringing new wealth."  P.Schoen

Laser marking

Innovate, develop products, improving its organization and production are key competitive factors for every company.

To do so, laser equipment is a great tool to improve your productivity, your brand image but also enable creative design. Extremely flexible and powerful, laser technology challenges the limits of the possible!

Gravotech, an innovative and dynamic player in the laser market for almost 20 years, continues to offer through its brand portofolio Gravograph, Technifor and Type3 innovative solutions enhancing productivity and operator ease-of-use.



The world in general is becoming faster, production too! Automation of repetitive tasks, improvement of the assembly techniques, of the working conditions for the operators...

  • On production line: 

Since its first demonstrated use in the 1960s, laser technology never stops its growth in all industry sectors. Technologies have multiplied and today it is fair to say that for every application there’s a laser!

Technifor devote significant attention to answering any marking requirement, whatever the material or production rate required and each year expands its range of technologies:

Last innovation but not least, the TG400 green laser that provides even more precision for the plastic marking and permits marking of materials that do not react well to other laser technologies.

  • In workshop:

Extremely versatile and accurate, the laser brings a new dimension to prototyping and part series production.

With this in mind, Gravograph developed a unique product: the wide format LS1000XP able to cut and engrave at high speed objects of all shapes and sizes, individually or in series.

It integrates numerous usefull features to reduce the production time: integrated cutting table with detachable blades, side and front opening hatches, the fastest execution speed on the CO2 table laser market.


Automotive, Mechanics, Aeronautics, Medical, Plastic industry, Signage, Stamps, Electrics and Electronics...

laser marking machines


  • Your business has points of sale: Create interest in your products!

Personalization exploded on the fashion market and its success spreads over almost all activities, even the most surprising ones!

On this trend Gravograph always deliver new solutions: from the GravoTouch software with fun touch screen user interface to the DedicaceTM solution (patented) allowing the customer to engrave in-store the desired object with a hand-written personal message directly reproduced by the machine, the laser becomes a fascinating tool accessible to all users and creative of immediate added value.

  • Are you sign maker, professional engraver: go a step further in visual communication!

Gravograph offer a completely new solution for precise cutout of printed shapes using a laser. Linked to digital printing, you simply print a shape or a drawing on a rigid material and the machine begins to engrave and cut without the need of specific program or camera: the included software takes care of everything!

  • The engraving material is also moving!

New materials, new textures are emerging every year and help you diversify your portfolio and stay up-to-date.

Gravograph provide an extensive material catalogue as well as a cut-to-size service. A sign that personalization is a fast growing means of differentiation, the demand for customized material and personal color combinations are increasing significantly.

Promotional item, sign, trophee, jewel, glass, lunettes, medal, armurerie, sport article, textile, leather…


laser machines


Innovation at Gravotech has many other aspects than technology alone : user-friendly design, customer service…

  • To reduce integration time and cost

of a marking machine on a production line, Technifor equips its control units with existing communication protocol for a fast connection in your own industrial network.

Since 2014, its laser machines offer a PROFINET port for easy communication with PLC. But Technifor does not stop at a simple connection, it makes available of users and integrators a 24 h/7 days a week access of its Web dedicated portal, full of technical files, guides and control manuals.

  •  Let’s speak about design:

Ease-of-use of table lasers improves the users’operating experience and contributes to an improved working environment for your employees.

Gravograph's inovative design philosophy takes into account our customers' requirements.

Inventor of the Front-Loading enclosure in 2001, giving full access to the work table – Side and front opening hatches for fast and easy loading of large sized parts – Automatic feeding of plates to be engraved – Integrated extraction solutions to protect the user from fumes and dust …

  • Expand your laser capabilities thanks to the software:

Produce unique textures, logos and graphics, implement the traceability of your parts... our softwares help you put your own new ideas into practice.

Today on-line training facilitates learning and skills development of all staff. Type3, software specialist for 2D to 3D engraving, serves its clients through free technical workshops under the terms of a service contract.

laser solutions



Nearly 20 years' expertise in laser!

Every year, Gravotech allocates over 5% of its annual turnover to investments aimed at improving products and services which will benefit all customers and partners of the Group.

Gravotech laser solutions

Whatever your application, Gravotech helps you choose the right solution:

Gravotech lasers are used in a large range of industrial and non-industrial processes to mark, engrave, decorate and cut all materials, from plastics to metal, including ceramics, organic materials etc.

Expert in Traceability, Personalisation and Signage, Gravotech is able to support directly your project wherever you are and can manage major integration programmes across the globe thanks to a unique subsidiary network.

Close to our customers, the group has 3 engineering centres in Asia, Europe and USA and experienced own teams over more than 30 countries in 5 continents.


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