How laser can help you to identify your products: three practical examples!

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September 2014

Laser and identification plates

Laser machine

Producing long-lasting labels to identify products and equipment is a concern for any business, both in terms of production and the brand image conveyed by these plates.

Thanks to its highly precise, clean and indelible results, laser technology offers an across-the-board solution:

Its flexibility means it can be adapted for all needs and all types of production.

Being economical and environmentally responsible, it eliminates the use of solvents, ink and other chemicals for cutting and engraving operations.

Readily automated, laser processes result in substantial savings in time, energy and materials compared with traditional processes.

See how three very different companies were able to deploy their laser machine with ease:

In summary:

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- Case no. 1 :

   Small and medium runs

- Case no. 2 :

   Automatic plate


- Case no. 3 :

   On line automatic

   plate marking

Case no. 1: Small and medium runs

For small quantities of plates, there is a very handy function that allows the operator to start operations while leaving them free to perform another task: focus on the MATRIX function!

  • An engraver's experience 

Cutting, engraving and piercing... not to mention mass production, orders for small quantities of safety labels, company nameplates and identification labels represented a significant workload for this professional engraver.

"I optimised production time on my plate orders thanks to the MATRIX function on my GRAVOGRAPH laser."

In addition to the engraving quality delivered and the cutting fineness, laser technology brought him enormous flexibility in his everyday production: an interface with his computer system to import name lists and serial numbers, a spacious worktable for receiving large sheets of material and the MATRIX function allowing dozens of plates to be produced in a single operation.

"This laser has given us total autonomy and an excellent return on investment."

The sheets of special laser materials (Gravoply Laser/Gravoply Ultra etc.) and the engraving settings provided by Gravotech facilitate all operations and guarantee a professional result.

plate engraving Watch the video here!

MATRIX: A function of the LASERSTYLE software supplied as standard with the machine.

The operator composes his plate and the software takes care of duplicating it as many times as required and continuously controls the cutting, engraving and piercing of the plates.

laser marking machines, laser engraving

Case no. 2: Automatic plate engraving

For larger quantities, an automatic plate feeder (APF) is very easily adapted on the laser machine.

  • An industrial operator's experience

A supplier of industrial equipment was faced with two engraving problems: batches of plates of differing sizes and different variables to be marked according to the legislation of the country for which the equipment is intended.

"Stacks of plates are loaded, the laser machine is always ready to receive the data and engraving operations are performed in succession! The plates can be engraved individually or in batches and we retrieve them as soon as the series runs are completed."

Connected to the customer's ERP system, the Gravograph software LaserStyle retrieves the variables to be marked according to batch and saves the files to ensure their traceability.

"File composition errors have been eliminated and our productivity maximised."

automatic plate engraving Watch the video here!

Focus on the APF (Automatic Plate Feeder): With the capacity to hold up to 195 plates, plate format and thickness changes are very quick and the engraving result is identical from one plate to the next.

Upon request, Gravotech also supplies pre-cut plates, removing the need for the customer to maintain a large stock.

This accessory can be adapted to both CO2 table mounted lasers and Fibre and YAG laser station.

laser marking machines, laser engraving

Case no. 3: Automatic plate marking

For mass production on automated lines, plate feeding, marking and ejection can be integrated for operator-free working.

  • The experience of a supplier of hydraulic components 

"The solution installed by TECHNIFOR is compact and fully integrated into our production. Connected to our line PLC, the station receives the data to be marked and automatically launches series operations by completing the required fields on our various plate models."

The laser station is equipped with plate loading and discharge columns with a suction cup handling system. Fully enclosed, the station is totally secured (Class 1).

"Identification is virtually simultaneous with the final assembly of the parts and keeps pace with our high production rates. Highly flexible, the station also operates in semi-automatic mode for our special orders requiring unique plate dimensions and markings, transmitted by barcode reader."

automatic plate marking by technifor Watch the video here!

Working to maximise industrial productivity, TECHNIFOR offers a variety of solutions for plate marking, from the manual work post to the custom-made automated station.

laser marking machines, laser engraving

Identification and traceability / Safety and regulation / Communication and prestige, the laser meets every requirement and offers numerous advantages.

With the most comprehensive offer on the market, Gravotech brings you tailored solutions in terms of machines, software and materials for engraving.

Gravotech laser solutions

Whatever your application, Gravotech helps you choose the right solution:

Gravotech lasers are used in a large range of industrial and non-industrial processes to mark, engrave, decorate and cut all materials, from plastics to metal, including ceramics, organic materials etc.

Expert in Traceability, Personalisation and Signage, Gravotech is able to support directly your project wherever you are and can manage major integration programmes across the globe thanks to a unique subsidiary network.

Close to our customers, the group has 3 engineering centres in Asia, Europe and USA and experienced own teams over more than 30 countries in 5 continents.


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