Automotive, Motorcycles, and Bicycles

Direct and permanent marking (DPM) by laser, dot peen, and scribing

Technifor offers comprehensive solutions integrating marking and its automatic camera-based verification to track each part throughout its production process up to its maintenance.

Constructors and equipment manufacturers use Technifor solutions on their production and assembly lines, quality control stations, and maintenance centers for the identification, and traceability of all their parts:
- Marking compliance with international standards
- Automation of marking and reading
- "Zero fault" guarantee: part numbers, batch traceability, time-stamping, and internal coding

Technifor is proud to manage international projects and integration projects around the world!

Engine block marking

Engine Block Marking

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Marking of automotive sensors

Marking of Automotive Sensors

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Marking on Chassis - VIN number

Marking on Chassis - VIN number

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Traceability of exhaust systems

Traceability of Exhaust Systems

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Identification of motorcycle parts

Identification of Motorcycle Parts

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