Marking and Traceability in the Mining industries, Foundries, and Metal Work

Used in the harshest environments, our portable marking machines meet the needs of heavy and mining industries:
- Deep, permanent and unique marking
- The marking of components for internal traceability
- The marking of prefabricated components
- The direct marking of large parts
- The marking of all types of information: identification numbers, Data Matrix codes™, serial numbers, dates, text, technical characteristics, standards

The markings remain legible and tamper-proof regardless of the application:
- marking before surface treatment: the marking remains legible after polishing, sanding and painting
- marking of different materials: steel, aluminium, moulding, plastics
- marking after surface treatment: painted, anodized parts

Marking of Drilling Tools

Marking of drilling tools

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Deep Marking of Heavy Parts

Deep marking of heavy parts

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Marking of Molds

Marking of molds

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Deep Marking on Steel Tubes

Deep marking on steel tubes

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