Identification on Medical Prostheses

Medical prosthesis laser mark
Stainless steel and titanium medical prosthesis laser mark : reference, logo
Contrasted and non-destructive laser mark
Contrasted and non-destructive laser mark, on any prosthesis shape and material
Stainless steel and titanium medical prosthesis laser mark : reference, logo

Client needs

Identification of titanium and stainless steel medical prostheses

  • Mark a reference number and logo on each prosthesis based on alphanumeric series retrieved from a dedicated database
  • There are around 600 prosthesis references concerning different materials and shapes


  • Cycle time under 1 minute
  • Adaptation of the marking parameters based on the material and shape without the need for intervention from the operator on the marking file (operator mode)
  • High Contrasted, non-destructive marking that has to meet laboratory controls and validation standards

Solution proposed

Marking: Two Technifor laser marking stations with a programmable Z axis (using the parameters in the marking files) 
Software: Technifor T700W is linked to the client database for the automatic management of the marking file parameters
Customized Operator Interface: A template is created so the specific reference number and logo would automatically fill in directly from the customer database

Client benefits

The operating software has flexibility built in, allowing for customer specific customization. In this case, each prosthesis is marked with very specific reference numbers and logo. After initial set up, the software automatically runs the correct sequence. This reduces the chance of any operator error. The operator's only programming obligation is inputting a part's measurements and material type. This can be done manually or use a hand-held barcode scanner. Then, after placing the prosthesis in the marking chamber, active the marking program with the push of one button.

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Identification on Medical Prostheses

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