Marking of Compliance Plates

Automatic Data recovery
Automatic Data recovery to be marked on each plate
Stainless steel plate engraving
Stainless steel plate engraving, with machine linked to customer database
Automatic Data recovery to be marked on each plate

Client needs

Marking of Compliance Plates:

  • Solution for marking compliance data stored in an Excel file on stainless steel plates
  • Extract multiple text fields from this Excel file (3 different columns)
  • A simple and compact station where the plates are loaded manually by an operator

Solution proposed

All-in-one dot peen marking machine on a column

Integrated marking software with enabled variable communication features + communication using a hyperterminal

The file is sent to the marking machine via the hyperterminal. This opens the marking file automatically and extracts the desired data from the different columns. The operator positions the plate on the clamping device. Marking is started by pressing "input" on the keyboard.

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Marking of Compliance Plates

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