Identification of Locks

Identify whole barrel , cylinder and key to avoid any error
Marking all in 1 cycle
Identify whole barrel , cylinder and key to avoid any error

Client needs

Avoid all risks of error when identifying the 3 subsets making up a lock:

  • Avoid all risk of error when identifying the 3 subsets that make up a lock: the barrel, its cylinder, and the 3 sets of associated keys
  • The data coming from a system of management should be marked directly indelibly on the subsets.

Solution proposed

Marking: A column-based dot peen marking machine and quick-set support of the 5 elements to be marked in the same marking cycle
Software: Standard T05 integrated software
Reading: Bar code reader is directly linked to the marking machine via USB port

Client benefits

"The Technifor solution consists in marking the 5 elements by dot peen within the same marking cycle so as to avoid any possibility of unbonding a lock from its set of 3 keys.
Technifor has conceived a set up designed to position the 5 elements in a same batch. The data to be marked will be entered by a bar code reading that will automatically inform the marking file's typing areas. The operator would only have to position the elements on the table, and then enter the number of batches to be marked. The software will handle batch incrementation. The composition of the marking files will have been preregistered in a menu protected by a password known only to the supervisor who is the only person authorized to modify the parameters of the file."

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Identification of Locks

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