Laser Marking on Mechanical Tools (Drill Bits)

Client needs

Marking on Mechanical Tools (Drill Bits):

  • High-contrast marking on HSS-E drill bits
  • Easy to use system for operators
  • Retrieval of marking data:
    • Automatically, from different data bases
    • Entered manualy by the operator


  • Coating on parts with hard surfaces
  • Ease of use of the system
  • Wide range of diameters from 0.40 - 40mm in 0.1mm increments
  • Operators using different languages

Solution proposed

Marking: Technifor YAG laser machine integrated into a standard work station
Software: Lasertrace with personalized interface

Client benefits

"The time spent on training and on developing an easy-to-use software to simplify implementation was important. The software's ability to change from one language to another in just one click was another welcomed feature (one French-speaking operator, one German-speaking operator)."

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Laser Marking on Mechanical Tools (Drill Bits)

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