Marking on anodized aluminium

Anodized Aluminium Marking

Marking and Engraving on Anodized Aluminium:

A surface treatment for aluminium - anodization increases the resistance to corrosion, heat, and wear. Also called anodic oxidation, this layer of oxide has a variable thickness depending on the final product.
Widely used in automotive, aerospace and mechanical sectors, the wide range of colors and the very aesthetic finish of the anodization makes it a popular material for many promotional items, climbing equipment, smooth aluminium labels and company plates, etc.

Anodized aluminium is easy to mark and offers high contrast. Technifor offers various solutions for the readable engraving of your parts:

Laser Marking Dot Peen Marking Scribing
Laser marking on anodized aluminum plates
Marking anodized colored aluminum parts
anodized aluminum manufacturer's plate marking
antitheft bike frame marking
 Scribe marking on anodized aluminum

Technifor offers fast and flexible marking systems preserving the properties of the anodized aluminium:

Consistent quality and speed, each Technifor marking system offers the guarantee of legibility and precision of your parts.