Datamatrix code marking

The DataMatrix Code

The search for a simple, compact, and error-free code has lead to most industries choosing the datamatrix code (aeronautics, automotive, electronic and semi-conductor, pharmaceutical industry, etc).

Today it is the two-dimensional - 2D - code that is most used for the permanent identification of parts:

As a result, all suppliers and manufacturers are often required to comply with this requirement and must guarantee that their markings meet quality standards (standards ISO/TS 16949, AIAG, ISO 15459, EN1572, NF Z 63-100, AECMA EN9132, SAE AS9132, etc).

The Advantages of DataMatrix Code Marking:

datamatrix marking with laser datamatrix marking with dot-peen datamatrix marking with scribing   

               Laser                                                                   Dot peen                                                                              Scribe  


Marked by laser, dot peen or scribing, the DataMatrix code offers permanent identification readable using a camera.

Therefore, the safety and reliability of your parts is strengthened at every level:

Excellent marking quality is essential to the guarantee of the reading of the DataMatrix identification throughout the life of your parts.

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